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Committees for the 2019-2020 School year are just starting.  We'll need volunteers for many areas, including: Costumes, Concessions, Fundraising, Playbill, Communications and more.  If you're interested in supporting the students in AFHS Theatre by volunteering your time and talent, please email


We'd love to have you! Every volunteer makes such a difference!


Drama Club

Welcome to the club! Join us to learn all sorts of theatrical skills, from auditioning to improv. With a new activity to participate in and plenty of good company, there is never a boring moment!

Interested in an Honor Society?

International Thespian Society

ITS is a society for high school and middle school students invested in theatre. As a member, students receive opportunities in leadership, auditions, and scholarships. To qualify, a student needs 10 points (one point is equal to 10 hours of work) and work on two school productions. AFHS's troupe (#8678) is active and always ready to welcome new members.

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